Prepare for the EMAIL MIGRATION

Mills faculty, staff, and students are migrating their Mills Google email, calendar, and contact data to the associated Northeastern Outlook accounts. Review the checklist to learn what to do before, during, and after your data is migrated to Microsoft 365.

Transition Schedule

July 2022

  • Claim Northeastern account
  • Log in and start using email account

August 2022

  • Review transition checklist prior to your assigned migration date
  • Mills email data migrates to Northeastern account 

January 2023

  • Retirement of Mills Google accounts


Before the Migration

1. Training Opportunities

Learn more about Outlook and other M365 features on the resources page.

2. Signature

Save your signature content from Google to easily recreate it in Microsoft 365. 

3. Rules and Filters

Document all rules or filters you use in your email and want to continue using.  

4. Calendar Subscriptions and Sharing

Make a note of any calendars you subscribe to along with who your calendar is shared with and any delegated access.  

5. Web Browser

Upgrade your web browser(s) to the latest version to smoothly run Microsoft 365 applications.  

6. Outlook App

Download the Outlook app for free on your mobile device to log in to your email account on the go. Outlook is the recommended app for accessing your new email account.

7. Mailing Lists

Update mailing lists, meeting series, and subscriptions with your new address. 

8. Large Attachments

Download and save any large attachments over 50 MB and delete them from your inbox and trash.

Other Things to Note Pre-Migration

Google mail, calendar, and contact data will be migrated to M365. Your access to other G Suite data, including Docs and Drive files, is not changing and won’t be included as part of the migration.  Some preferences and elements from your Google mail account may not migrate, including: 

  • Email signatures 
  • Recurring events and meetings, only the first instance will copy to M365 
  • More than the first three email addresses per contact 
  • Attachments over 50 MB 
  • Filters and rules 
  • Delegates 
  • Tasks 
  • Contact tags 

During the Migration

1. Migration Timeline

Your migration process will begin on the date assigned to you, with an initial sync of your data. The migration will take several days to complete, during which you can expect to see the imported data in M365. The migration is complete when you are notified that a successful migration has been confirmed. 

2. Migration Speed

Migration speed can be influenced by mailbox size, number of emails along network speed and capacity. If you have a large mailbox, or folders, your migration may take longer to complete.

3. Mail Organization

Please avoid moving messages or folders until after the migration has been completed.  

4. Migration

You will receive a confirmation email in your when your migration is complete. At that time, a copy of any emails going to your account will forward to M365. 

After the Migration

1. Language and Time Zone

Learn how to change your language and time zone as needed.

2. Sharing Calendar

Re-share your calendar with others in or outside of Northeastern, or assign delegate access.

3. Reorganize Email

Learn how to recreate rules or filters to help organize your email. If you are not seeing all of your messages, select the arrow to the left of the folder.

4. M365 On the Go

Visit the knowledge base to learn how to configure your Apple iOS device or Android device with M365 mobile applications. Visit Microsoft support to learn how to configure other device(s).  

5. Alternative Mail Applications

If you would like, you may setup another supported client to manage your email account.  

6. Personalize

Personalize your M365 web experience.  

7. Contact List

If you have a large contact list, the contacts will need to be migrated manually to your M365 account. For assistance, contact the IT Service Desk.

8. Mills Email

Any messages still addressed to emails will continue to be forwarded to You will continue to have access to your Mills Google account to verify that data has been migrated to M365 successfully. You will be notified before Mills Google accounts are completely retired, which is expected in January 2023.

Have Questions?

There are a number of means through which you can access support on the email migration.

Tech Service Portal


Get answers to your questions online. Search the knowledge base, browse the available services, make requests, and report issues. Visit from any device.
24×7 through the Tech Service Portal

IT Service Desk


Get 24×7 help with technical services, troubleshooting, programs, and devices. Visit


(617) 373-HELP [4357]